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photography services

photography services

photography services

I am a photographer from Leicestershire

A Big Leap From Hobby To Profession...

What started with a passion to capture garden birds in all their splendour moved swiftly on to taking photos with increasing care for composition, lighting, framing, focusing, planning and selecting a suitable subject. Images hold and convey so much emotional power that, when taken well, will provoke a reaction from the viewer.

I have always known that people enjoy photos of themselves, but it is only through taking portraits and the discussions I have had with my subjects that I realised the importance a quality portrait can hold. The significance for that individual, how they are seen, how they wish to be remembered and how they wish to represent their own energy can be set in a way they are both happy and comfortable with.

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Wedding photography is truly a labour of love and I absolutely adore being a part of your special day! I aim to capture the unique story of each couple.

Think outside of what’s usually offered and find a photographer who will be able capture your business’ ethos in a single snapshot to elevate your marketing.

Transform your professional image with Headshot Photography, the ultimate tool for capturing the essence of every individual in a single frame.

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