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Photography in Leicester

Photography in Leicester

Why Choose Fahey Photography?

What Makes Me Different

As commercial photographers, we help businesses and brands bring their people, products and services to life through creative, professional photography. With a reputation for reliability, quality and professionalism, I have been delivering professional photography services across the Midlands to companies both large and small.

I love to capture happy, unforgettably moments in peoples lives for them to treasure forever.

Having studied photography for several years, we know the industry pretty well… We understand what works and what doesn’t, and how to create the best images for you.

We provide images that truly represent you or your business, product or services. Our photos are timeless and not something that will be out of fashion in a few years.

Wedding photography is truly a labour of love and I absolutely adore being a part of your special day! I aim to capture the unique story of each couple.

Think outside of what’s usually offered and find a photographer who will be able capture your business’ ethos in a single snapshot to elevate your marketing.

Transform your professional image with Headshot Photography, the ultimate tool for capturing the essence of every individual in a single frame.

Professional photographer serving clients throughout the Midlands

Specialising In Headshot & Corporate Portrait Photographer

Fahey Photography’ focus is on understanding your brand goals and translating them into visuals that represent you. Whether you need photography for your website, brochures or social media, Fahey Photography can deliver. I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. The industries are diverse but the goal is the same – powerful storytelling through great photography. Fahey Photography offer creative, high-quality commercial and corporate photography tailored to your needs. Get in touch to start framing your brand story.

Have something a little different in mind?

I do like to think outside the box & venture into other areas too...

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